Top Gun of the Sky – Foreword from Chris Packham

It’s this simple…the Peregrine Falcon is probably the most exciting animal on the planet.

Why? Firstly, it’s a predator; it survives by killing and eating other animals, mainly birds, and carnivores are always top of the pops in the animal kingdom, certainly from the younger human’s point of view. To do this they have evolved to be big and powerful, aerial athletes, all muscle and purpose, and they are ruthless too, all of which we admire.

Secondly, they are enigmatic; no longer rare, they can be seen in many places across the UK, indeed the world, but getting a very good, close-up view remains a rarity.

So they are there…but you just can’t quite get enough of them and this makes them very attractive indeed.

They truly are the A list celebs of the bird world. And they are supremely beautiful, elegant, a perfect mix of form and function, a triumph of evolution. Lastly, they are not only fast, they are the fastest.

They move quicker than anything else that lives on Earth and to see all this beauty, power and purpose plummeting down from the sky in pursuit of prey is a spine-chilling and exhilarating experience.

This super book uses bold and brave graphics to illustrate a poem which describes the wonderful Peregrine and its world.

It’s both innovative and clever and provides a novel and exciting way for young people to learn more about this bird.

And at the end there are some great practical ideas too.

If you buy it then some of the money goes to the excellent Hawk Conservancy Trust in Hampshire, a charity that lead the way in terms of care and conservation of raptors and owls.

So surely it’s a must; a great book about a brilliant bird and some cash for conservation!

Chris Packham
Naturalist and Broadcaster