Hen Harrier education all year, not just for one day!

The plight of the Hen Harrier is a sad story, each year likeminded people advertise their plight through a day of protest against illegal persecution. I have strong views on this but concentrate on educating the younger generation through my book Skydancer to help eventually change opinion, and now through my school visits over 800 pupils during 2017 have heard of such bird and now understand the perils they go through to survive. Most of the general public  have never heard of a hen harrier so ask the pupils to go home and talk to their parents and grandparents about how Continue Reading

Rotary Club help inspire school pupils

The New Forest Rotary Club has helped me inspire local children through my school visits. At the end of each visit the teachers set a fun piece of work for the pupils to complete, it could be a poem, drawing or even a book. The teachers then choose 30 pieces of work of the highest quality or the most effort put in to complete the task. Each chosen pupil then receives one of my signed books and a Rotary certificate as a prize. These books have been kindly donated from the Rotary Club as a lovely incentive to encourage the pupils to participate and leave Continue Reading

Feedback is so humbling

Im often asked what’s the best  thing about my school visits, well its receiving feedback from the pupils. I try and make them all go” Mad A Difference”, whatever it might be from helping wildlife, not dropping litter or trying their very best at their academic level. These are two books Y6 pupils produced from a recent STEM visit. Continue Reading